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Milspouse Matters Podcast: Support For Submarine Spouses

The Pithy Chronicles: The Submerged Life

“I just had to tell you how thankful I am for this page. My favorite person is a submariner and in the time I’ve known him he has never been underway, and it’s a learning experience. Your page helps me get through my day!” – Follower

“I can see you put lots of effort into the blog. It’s very appreciated. Keep up the good work!” – Follower

“I have to say how well done this page is! I work with these sailors that are many of these followers husband’s (I work directly with the nukes in shipyard). I have so much respect for what you women have to deal with. These guys are some of the smartest, hardworking people I’ve met and I don’t think a lot of women realize how hard their job really is, but raising kids basically as a single parent while your husband is deployed is so impressive. Hats off to you guys.”

– Follower