7 Places to Grab Take-Out in the Groton Area During COVID-19

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It’s been over 10 weeks since the quarantine and social distancing measures have been in place. How’s it going for you?  As a nurse, I am an essential worker so it has been a little different for me.  I think I am just so busy with work and grad school, and I haven’t taken the time to stop and really take all this in.  I only go grocery shopping when 100% necessary. Today just so happens to be one of those days because I ran out of coffee this morning, and we are running low on chocolate milk.  

Let’s be honest. When my husband is underway I cook a lot less.  I can live off of sandwiches and salads so that is my go-to when he’s gone.  It’s just my two-year-old and I right now, so I have been cooking simple things she enjoys like veggie pizza roll ups and hidden veggie mac and cheese.  I only work one or two shifts per week, but if I worked full-time I’d be ordering take out every night!  I order take out once a week as a treat for us and I’ve made an effort to order from a different restaurant each time. 

Maybe you are like me and like to order take out once a week?  Or maybe you have exhausted every ounce of energy solo parenting and homeschooling four kids and you need take out every night!  Here’s my list of seven different take out options in the Groton area for the seven days of the week!       

Rustic Catering

Rustic Catering has partnered with my personal favorite baker Amy’s Tasty Treats and set up shops in the Groton area where they offer grab and go meals.  They have family sized and individual offerings of gourmet meals.  I picked up a few meals for myself and did a contact-less meal drop off for a boat family who just had their first baby.  The meals are easily frozen and reheated.  This is a great option to stock up the freezer for a quick meal when you don’t feel like cooking or waiting for delivery.

Bravo Bravo 

I cannot say enough amazing things about Bravo Bravo in Mystic, CT.  Their bolognese transports me to Sienna and suddenly I’m sipping my favorite brunello whilst eating wild boar bolognese… I digress.  It’s fantastic.  When it reopens after the pandemic you must make reservations and have dinner there one night.  Here’s my order: Burrata & Pappardelle Bolognese.  I’m no sommelier, but I like to pair it with a chianti.  Give them a call to see which to-go drinks they are offering tonight!    

Rolling Tomato 

Pizza and chicken wings.  What else needs to be said?  Rolling Tomato makes fresh pizza and chicken wings in their wood fired pizza oven.  My husband would eat pizza every night if I would let him.  This is my go to take out pizza.  Under normal operating circumstances they are BYOB for dine in so if you want to enjoy an adult beverage with your pizza and wings, make sure you place an order for pick up at Grand Wine and Spirits.  Here’s my order: 6 buffalo wings and a small Naw-Nee for my daughter and I.  If my husband is home he loves the Jackson Hole.      

Mañana Cafe

Margaritas to go.  You’re welcome.  Check out Manana for their menu of the day, made from scratch Mexican cuisine.  I can’t give you my specific order because it varies daily.  But if the torta is on the menu, you must order it!     

Jasmine Thai 

Sometimes you just need Pad Thai or Drunken Noodles. My daughter will eat any type of noodle so this is something we can share. Jasmine Thai also has a great sushi menu. They have a nice setup for curbside pickup.  I called in my order from home and I was told to call when I pulled up. I met the employee at the door and it was a quick process. They are also offering a full bar menu to go. Here’s my order: Crab Rangoon, Chicken Pad Thai medium spicy, and a Lycheetini.

Engine Room

THE BEST BRUNCH IN CT. There, I said it. I grew up in the south where brunch is life. I take brunch very seriously and so does Engine Room. Their dinner boasts local fare sourced from local farmers. If you want the best bourbon selection in town, check out their bar.  Engine Room is also serving up their famously unique cocktails to go. Check out the menu for their current drink options. Here’s my order: Chicken Burger and Mango Lassi Cocktail for two.  

Mirch Masala

Mirch Masala is one of my family’s top choices for a family dinner out. My daughter loves naan and chutney and will eat a plate full of biryani. Toddlers and rice dishes are always a disaster. I always try to clean up the mess she made on the floor but the staff rush over to stop me and politely reinforce they will take care of it. The staff is friendly and accomodating and the food is excellent. I have done the curbside pick up multiple times and only have positive things to say. Here’s my family’s take out order: Chicken Tikka Masala medium spicy, Chicken Kadai medium spicy, and Garlic Naan.     

What are some of your go-to’s? Let me know what you think about this list!  

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