Navy Rank Structure 101

The submarine life comes with it’s own vocabulary, for this we know! There is quite a learning curve. Here is a breakdown of the rank and boat job hierarchy to better your understanding of what means who. The names at the top of the diagram- CO, XO, COB will be the names you hear most often after your significant other’s direct supervisor.

The diagram below shows who reports to whom along with the full and abbreviated titles of various positions:

  • Enlisted
    • Seaman Recruit- E1
    • Seaman Apprentice- E2
    • Seaman- E3
    • Third Class Petty Officer- E4
    • Second Class Petty Officer- E5
    • First class Petty Officer- E6
    • Chief- E7
    • Senior Chief- E8
    • Master chief – E9
  • Officer
    • Ensign- 01
    • Lieutenant JG – 02
    • Lieutenant -03 
    • Lieutenant commander- 04
    • Commander- 05
    • Captain – 06
    • Admiral- 07-09

I hope this quick cheat sheet can help you connect all the different last names to where they fall in the hierarchy of the change of command!

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