How a “Sunshine Committee” Can Benefit Your FRG

A Sunshine Committee is a volunteer branch of the Family Readiness Group (FRG), assembled to support fellow spouses, family members, and significant others by lending a helping hand, spreading happiness, and welcoming newcomers (especially during periods when the boat is deployed). Depending on how active your FRG is, a Sunshine Committee may or /may not exist yet. It never hurts to inquire!

How can the Sunshine Committee lend a helping hand?

*Source helpers to assist with things like

  • Grocery store run to pick up Tylenol, Kleenex, tea, etc. for someone feeling under the weather

  • Ride to/from a doctors appointment if someone is unable to drive themselves

  • Walking a dog for a fellow injured spouse

  • Setting up meal-trains for new moms, people who are injured/sick, etc.

  • PCS pack day buddy – sometimes you just need another helping hand if your spouse can’t be there to help and oversee movers

How can the Sunshine Committee spread happiness?

*Plan informal (non-FRG funded) get-togethers and activities like…

  • Delivering cards to spouses for things like birthdays, welcoming newcomers, congratulations, etc.

  • Beach/Park Clean-Ups – Look up local organizations in your area that are committed to environmental efforts. You may be able to arrange for donated trash bags and rubber gloves along with a scheduled trash pick-up for all of the garbage you collect!

  • Movie Nights and Game Nights – Depending on where you live, getting a projector set up outdoors to play a movie is always a good time! While in-person game nights may be on hold for a while (due to COVID19), you can always look into virtual game night options.

  • Sea-cret Sister gift exchange – This works just like “Secret Santa”. It can be a fun activity to launch once your boat leaves for deployment. Whether you choose to make it a one time exchange or plan out monthly gift-drops for the duration of the deployment, it’s up to you!

  • Partner with a local charity over the holidays to organize a food/gift drive. Research opportunities in your community to give back. Perhaps there is a local non-profit looking for help to stuff stockings or a kitchen looking for help prepping/serving meals to those in need.

How can the Sunshine Committee welcome newcomers?

*In coordination with your Ombudsman, a Sunshine Committee could help by…

  • Providing a digital “welcome folder” with some helpful resources to get started
    • Include a list of restaurants/bars around your duty station

    • Include a list of activities indoor/outdoor around your duty station

    • Your local Fleet & Family Office can be a great resource for other welcome materials

  • Organizing quarterly get-togethers for new spouses where they can meet fellow spouses/SOs, the FRG Board, and Ombudsman. This can always be done virtually too!

*COVID19 may limit/change the nature in which get-togethers are structured or how assistance can be provided. Your Sunshine Committee can discuss ways to help one another while maintaining proper social distancing and following sanitary guidelines.

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