FRG Fundraising During COVID

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The Submerged Life supports and believes in the mission of the Family Readiness Group (FRG).  Some of us serve as board members for our FRGs.  A common topic I see posted in various FRG leadership groups is how to fundraise during COVID.  Most fundraisers involve face-to-face contact which is not possible at this time.  Thanks to online order forms, electronic payments, and shipping/contactless pickup, FRGs have been able to maintain a working budget.  Remember, if you are fundraising, it has to be for a specific event whether it be that Halloween Drive-In movie put on by the MWR, or having a drive thru contactless Holiday Pie giveaway.  

Here are 3 ideas for fundraising during COVID:  

Contact 16submarines to discuss options for your FRG.  16submarines is well known for their partnerships with FRGs for fundraising.  Whether it’s a tote bag, t-shirts, or insulated tumblers, 16submarines is your one stop shop for all things submarine gifts.  Yes, you need another tote bag!

Who doesn’t need another comfy blanket?  Logo Knits will work with your FRG to design a custom blanket for your next FRG fundraiser.  They are a family-owned business and all products are made and assembled in the USA.  You will receive prompt service and consistent communication when working with this company.  The blankets are a cozy knit style.  Don’t forget to request permission if you are using the boat seal. The command support team (CST) and base legal can provide guidance. 

It is the perfect time of the year to do an ornament fundraiser.  Check out Savage + Bird’s selection of ornaments.  They offer ceramic and wood ornament options.  Contact them today to discuss options for your next FRG fundraiser!  

Any other fundraisers you recommend that can be done during COVID? Tell us about fundraisers your FRG has done.    

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