5 Places to Host FRG Events Near Bangor

Looking for ideas to bring your Family Readiness Group (FRG) togther? Opportunities for wardrooms, chiefs quarters or other group events?

Here are five great places for those of you stationed Naval Base Kitsap:

Kitsap Great Escape (Bremerton)

Photo courtesy of Kitsap Daily News

Kitsap Great Escape is located in Bremerton. There are three different rooms to choose from, with six people allowed per room, per time slot. Parties of up to 20 people can be accomodated. There is also a portable escape room that could be brought to a event that can be completed as many times as you’d like in 24 hours.

Yoked Farmhouse & Brewery (Port Orchard)

Photo courtesy of Yoked Farmhouse & Brewery

Yoked Farmhouse & Brewery is located in Port Orchard. They are available for a variety of different events or to host different sized parties. Events include homemade pizza making classes, jam making classes, brewery tours and food truck nights. They even have a great outdoor space with a playground for children to enjoy while parents can enjoy a pint. Definitely a great place to meet up or host an event.

AR Workshop (Gig Harbor)

Photo courtesy of AR Workshop Gig Harbor

AR Workshop is a franchise DIY wood sign painting studio. They are a veteran-owned business that offers military discounts. You can choose to make a day trip to Gig Harbor and enjoy an in person studio experience or you can create a party where someone picks up the projects in Gig Harbor then brings them back for the event. The owner is wonderful to work with to make your experience what works best for your group!

Griffin Gallery NW (Poulsbo)

Photo courtesy of Griffin Gallery

Griffin Gallery NW is a great destination for monthly paint and sip parties. The wine is provided by State 42 Wines. The next paint and sip is 2.12.22. You can work with the gallery owner to have a paint and sip for a group as well.

Port Gamble Heritage Park (Port Gamble)

Photo courtesy of Hike It Baby

Port Gamble Heritage Park is a great destination to meet up for a walk or bike ride! The paths are wide made of dirt and gravel, so depending on recent weather you may want to recommend boots as it can be muddy after a lot of rain. The trails are suitable for jogging strollers. Be aware of cyclists as the trails are designed for walking and mountain biking. There is also a waterfront area where you can find seashells and small tide pools.

What locations would you recommended for group events in the Kitsap area? What’s the best submarine group event you have attended? For more Kitsap County recommendations, click here.

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