5 Things I’m Loving Right Now in Charleston

In our series “5 Things I’m Loving Right Now,” our contributors share some local businesses and spots they’re loving at their duty station. First up, Kamila shares some things in Charleston she is loving! Read on for more details.

The Deviled Eggs from Momo Riverfront Park

Is it any surprise that the first thing worth mentioning is food related? How could it not be? When I say these little egg-y masterpieces keep me awake at night, there is zero exaggeration. They are fluffy, flavorful, and topped with bacon! One bite, everybody knows the rules, even if someone watches you and mutters “Bless her heart.” I don’t care, this is easily my favorite app at any restaurant in Charleston. Momo has great views of the Cooper River, is located on historic military property with beautiful sprawling oaks and Spanish moss like something out of a movie and is right next to one of Charleston’s premier concert venues: The Riverfront Park, the largest outdoor venue in the tri-County area.  

MHS Genesis Portal

We all know that military healthcare is and can be a headache. Actually, make that a migraine. But I recently started utilizing the MHS Genesis Portal and it has been a game changer. I can message my provider about prescriptions, view my health records, and request an appointment to se my doctor. What you’ll need: your DIS Log in ID and Password and you’re all set! This really helped me cut down on time spent making phone calls and chugging through the dreaded menus where one wrong number forced you to hang up and try again hoping you’ll get through to the right extension.  

Bohemia Salon

Full disclosure: I grew up a tomboy, opting for soccer shorts, sneakers, and a horrible low ponytail that had me looking like a founding father and not the next best female athlete. My mom would always tell the stylist: “As long as she can tie it up and run a comb through it, that’s fine.” But now, I can run a brush through it, tie it up while I get thrown around the mats during jiu jitsu, and the face framing has taken me from founding father to supermodel (Only joking..) I found Bohemia online and chose my stylist Isabelle based on reviews. She is a legend and I have never had this much self-confidence. The salon is small with a cozy atmosphere and they treat you like family. Please, please, please if you want any chance of beating the Lowcountry humidity, book yourself some me time at Bohemia, you won’t be disappointed.  

Freehouse Brewery

As we drove through some back roads in North Charleston, I asked my husband: “Uh, where are we?” Nestled amongst the industrial quarter near Dorchester Road and Azalea Drive is a hidden gem. Delicious beer, cheesy, hot pizza, and wide-open space that’s great for the whole family, is just the start of what Freehouse Brewery has to offer. We opted to take our brown ale and blueberry sour down to the creek-side to enjoy the views and take in the beauty of Charleston along the Ashley River. We don’t have kids, but if we did, I imagine this would be a usual spot as it has convenient and easy parking, a spacious grass field for littles to run, and plenty of space for Fido to romp.    

Boat Days

Yeah we know, the people who didn’t like Charleston went full throttle and bought a boat. Look, we are just trying to blend in. We hopped over to Cove2Coast in West Ashley and got ourselves and SeaPro 172 Bay Series to enjoy Charleston from its most iconic spot: right on the waterways. Whether cruising the coastal inlets or exploring the Charleston Bay, we are enjoying being part of the culture and the tan that comes with is just a bonus! There are so many great options to launch the boat and I swear, every boat we pass is accompanied by at least one friendly face who smiles and waves. No pun intended. Even if you don’t own a boat, Charleston also has great rental options and harbor cruises! Definitely get out and experience the area on the water.

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