5 Things to Love About the Submarine Life

The submarine service is nicknamed the “silent service” for a reason. And with that comes an anonymity or lack of understanding for most people to understand. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone certainly, and those of us who live in it have our days. There are many, many hard days. For me, I’m writing this while my husband is underway during the COVID-19 pandemic. Myself, like thousands and thousands of military spouses around the country, are solo parenting during this stressful time. And for the spouses who aren’t underway, they’re still getting up and going into work as they are deemed essential. That carries anxiety all on its own. 

But rather than sit around and feel sorry for ourselves (and to be fair, there are days when we might need to), I want to dedicate some time to call out the positive aspects to this lifestyle. Because I believe there are some – a lot in fact. And even during the hardest times, we have to look at the glass half full. 

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