The Big List of Navy Resources

The Navy has quite a few programs in place to assist families, however they can be difficult to find more information about. Speaking from experience, utilizing these support networks already in place can really make or break a tour. Everyone needs help at different points on their submarine spouse journey, and there are FREE resources to support your mental and physical health, along with financial well-being. Lastly there are a few scholarship opportunities for furthering education and careers.  

Here’s a quick list of some great resources:

  • Ombudsman
    • Each boat has a civilian designated by the Navy who is the liaison between the CO/ XO/ COB and the significant others of the boat. The ombudsman provides regular updates at FRG meetings especially during deployments. They’re number is often provided on new orders to a new command as a point of contact. If you need assistance getting a hold of your sailor while they are underway or on land this is the person to call. 
  • Family Readiness Group (FRG)
    • Every command has its own Family Readiness Group. This group of people provided regular social events along with volunteer opportunities.
  • Fleet and Family Support Services
    • This is a series of classes provided by volunteer submarine spouses to provide information regarding Navy life. They share the history of the Navy/ submarine force, the ins and outs of PCSing, command hierarchy, submarine event etiquette, etc. I highly recommend attending a class if you get an opportunity.  Contact your boat’s FRG for more information regarding new sessions of classes. 
  • Military OneSource
    • From mental health resources to assistance with tax prep, Military OneSource has tons of resources for all aspects of military life.
  • Navy Marine Corps Relief Society 
    • This organization has local offices at each base that have volunteers to run the thrift store, assist with Quick Assist Loans, visiting nurses, and more. The thrift store is a place to donate gently used old uniforms no matter the rank and or buy used uniform items at a discounted price (great place to look for dress uniform items). 
  • Morale Welfare Recreation (MWR)
    • Each base has their own MWR office that has resources for travel, fitness, and local information. In San Diego, they sell discounted tickets to Disneyland. They also run the gyms and fitness classes on base. They also offer children programs including sports, dance classes, toddlertime, swim lessons, and more depending on the base. 
  • Submarine Officer’s Spouse Association (SOSA)
    • This a non-profit group that is unique to each base building community and provides opportunities for volunteering to support the submarine community. They put on the Annual Dolphin Scholarship Auction to raise money with a variety of other causes they support through volunteering and fundraising.  
  • MyNavyFamilyApp
    • This app is designed for Navy spouses and sailor’s families to combine “authoritative information from two dozen websites into a single convenient application”. Topics are broken down into categories that then lead to direct website links to provide answers to common questions or information pertaining specifically to the topic.
  • Educational Scholarships
    • Are you interested in furthering your education? The Dolphin Scholarship Fund is specifically for submarine dependents to decrease the burden of schooling cost for undergraduate and vocational programs. 
  • My Career Advancement
    • This scholarship is available for spouses of active duty members in pay grades E1-E5, W1-W2, and O1-O2 sailors who have completed high school to assist in paying for programs to increase career opportunities. For more information, click here.

Please send us an email or comment if you have additional resources you recommend or have utilized! We want to grow this list so families know all the resources available!

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