Who Is The Ombudsman? 7 Things to Know

Every command has a spouse of a sailor designated as the ombudsman. The ombudsman is a liaison between the command and the sailors’ families. He or she is an incredible resource in navigating all things Navy.  

Here are a few facts about ombudsmen:

  • It is always good to save the ombudsman’s contact information just in case questions arise or emergencies occur.
  • One of the biggest roles the ombudsman fills is liaising between families and the boat while its at sea. He or she is privy to when the boat is coming home and initiates the phone tree regarding homecoming times.
  • The ombudsman is also the contact if urgent information needs to be communicated to your sailor while at sea. Examples include: child’s birth, parent’s death, or severe accidents.
  • Once you receive new orders, the ombudsman’s contact information will be provided so they can help answer questions regarding the new command and surrounding area.  It is important to have your sailor fill out the ombudsman contact sheet upon checking into the command, as the ombudsman can only share information if you are listed.
  • The ombudsman attends Family Readiness Group (FRG) meetings to provide command updates regarding upcoming events or new command policies. To learn more about the FRG, click here.
  • Ombudsmen often have a closed Facebook page where updates and reminders can be provided that are not violating OPSEC. 
  • Ombudsmen are not paid. The position is entirely voluntary. So be sure to thank your ombudsman the next time you see him or her. It is quite an intense job to hold.

Special shout-out to all the ombudsmen out there! Thank you for your endless contributions and support for our submarine families. We are so grateful for you!

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