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Adulting is hard to start out with, then add the complexities of military life and they become even more difficult.  Thanks to Military OneSource ,taxes don’t have to be as confusing or difficult. 

The first year my husband and I filed taxes together it was beyond confusing.  In one year we had gotten married, I had worked in two different states, I was a student for part of the year AND we had two different state residences. I was grateful to the ombudsman that provided information regarding Military OneSource’s free tax services. I signed up and started filling out the paperwork. I had so many questions. I called the free tax counseling center. The tax consultant was incredibly patient in answering my slue of questions, then even followed up with emails to be sure I understood. We have continued to use the tax consultants as different life events have changed or added to our taxes. 

Last year was not an easy year for anyone, hopefully you can utilize these free resources to make your 2020 taxes a bit easier:

Military OneSource

Military OneSource has a plethora of FREE resources for military members and their families. There are a variety of services including: legal, financial, education, and more with live chat function and phone numbers to call for most categories.  I highly recommend you check out the website and services provided even if you do not require assistance with taxes.


MilTax software is free for service member’s and their families. It is specifically formulated for maximizing a military service member’s tax refund. The tax consultants are also available 24/7, which is incredibly helpful as no one wants to take time off work to file taxes.  There are some in person assistance centers as well depending on where you are stationed. 

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