9 Submarine Inspired Gifts to Keep on Giving

The holidays are just around the corner, so we wanted to share some submarine-inspired ideas. Whether it’s for your significant other, mother or father-in-law, friends or fellow spouses, here are some items we can’t get enough of:

Sub Wine – Coffee (or Wine, Whatever) Mug


The sub-spouse small business Modern Rosie offers some fun, cheeky designs that will make you smile. This classic ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, and the perfect vessel to get you through deployment.

Submarine Community Cookbook


This legacy cookbook is the latest in a long line tradition of submarine spouse cookbooks. “Best Fed in the Fleet: Recipes from the Deep to the Dining Room” includes over 800 recipes submitted by submariners, families, retirees and submarine commands. All profits support the Dolphin Scholarship Fund.

Submarine Flag Face Mask


I know what you’re thinking, “That’s so 2020.” But this face mask from 16 Submarines is so fun and makes for a great stocking stuffer. This cotton knit face mask has three evenly-spaced pleats and is machine washable.

Fair Winds Candle Gift Set


Give the ones you love these Navy-inspired (and best selling) candle scents. Fair Winds, Following Seas and Welcome Home are available in three different sizes. And you’re supporting a sub spouse and veteran-owned business!

I Like Big Boats Sticker


Modern Rosie does it again with the fun and cheeky. This sticker is the perfect accessory for your laptop, notebook, mirror or wherever your heart’s content. Perfect gift to a fellow sub spouse or friend!

Vintage Nautical Chart Map


Etsy has some great vintage nautical maps and charts, perfect for a submariner or going away duty station gift! We found maps for New London, Bangor, Kings Bay, Oahu, and others.

Duty Station Tea Towel


A themed tea towel is a fun way to commemorate your time at a duty station. We found some great towels on Etsy like this one, this or this. You may be able to find some at your local NEX.

The PCS Bag


This bag from Modern Rosie needs no explanation, but it sure does put a smile on your face. She also sells a similar sticker, notebook, and a hilarious children’s t-shirt.

R.E.D Shirt

RED (Remember Everyone Deployed) t-shirts are a great gift for friends and families and introduce them to “RED Fridays.” 16Submarines sells t-shirts, hoodies and children t-shirts and baby onesies.

What would you add to our list? Comment below!

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