A Submerged Christmas – A Poem

Artwork by Katie Faile

On behalf of all of us at The Submerged Life, we wish you and yours a very merry Christmas! To celebrate the season, please enjoy this submarine-twist to the classic poem.


 ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the boat

Sailors on watch kept it afloat.

Poopie suits were hung right by the racks,

for if the dive alarm rings sleeping sailors will not be slack.

The WEPS had the deck and the conn with NAV by his side,

the two worked diligently and stood duty with pride.

CO in his stateroom and COB fiddling with a pesky strap,

The two began to settle for a short submariner’s nap.

Sailors awake thought of Christmas ham and their favorite treats,

While the sleeping crew dreamed of stand down- a most deserved receipt.

Ensigns were forward and aft running around,

For someone to sign their qual cards were not to be found.

The LTs and JGs put together a melodious song,

In hopes to inspire their department heads- some holiday cheer to come along.

A-gang stayed busy maintaining a scrubber,

While the FTs pressed on, for them there will be no slumber.

Culinary specialists busy prepping ingredients for a Christmas day feast,

CHOP knows well, for when mealtime comes if there’s no fried chicken, submariners will be beasts.

ENG was aft checking gauges galore,

While the Nukes dreamed of walking through their front doors.

When through the periscope NAV spotted a suspicious light,

XO sprang from his seat to calm WEPS’s fright.

The radioman called out, he picked up some chatter,

Chief ran over to see what was the matter.

ANAV and Chief pored over the charts to confirm their position,

Worried they’d need to make a swift transition.

Sonar marked a bearing, Fire Control was steady,

Come the order, torpedomen will be ready.

The moon gave off a celestial glow,

Giving way to an indistinct figure in full show.

XO took the scope and could not believe his eyes,

What appeared above was not an adversary’s plane, but a sleigh and reindeer in the skies.

Sweeping the periscope a few degrees,

Santa appeared, such a sight in these rough seas.

WEPS worried sonar was broken,

When the crew heard these words spoken.

“Now CO, XO, Department Heads and JOs, COB and the Chiefs, and all you sailors forward and aft!”

“It is your work, our freedom you defend,

Your selfless service I commend.”

“Soon I will bring gifts for all of your family and friends,

I hope that next year’s Christmas you will attend.”

To the submariners who often remain out of sight,

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.



Dive, Dive, Dive!

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