6 Outdoor Places to Explore on Bainbridge Island

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Are you stationed in Bangor, WA, and looking for a fun day trip? Whether you have the kids in tow or it’s just you and your spouse, Bainbridge Island, WA offers a variety of outdoor options to explore across all seasons! While we continue to adhere to COVID precautions, a change of scenery and a breath of fresh air outdoors in the beautiful Northwest may be just what you need to boost your spirits! For directions, click here.

Here are some ideas to inspire your trip:

The Grand Forest

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The Grand Forest is a 240-acre park with nearly 10 miles of trails in lush firs, cedars, maples and a few giant conifers. The trails are relatively flat for all hiking abilities, with a few inclines and trail surface of dirt, mulch and gravel. The “Main Trail” loop is a flat, 1.5 mile walk with a wooden bridge over creeks and ponds. The trails and pathways are all dog-friendly, as well.

Point White Pier

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This three-acre park sits on a historic, former Mosquito fleet and 100-ft long ferry dock. The pier is a popular spot for fishing, scuba diving and birdwatching, with great views of nearby Port Orchard and Puget Sound. For more information on parks and trails, check out this finder.

Battle Point Park

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Battle Point Park was one of my favorite places to visit as a kid and I know my parents enjoyed it too! There is a great playground for kids (that I must say is MUCH improved/revamped since my monkey-bar days in the ’90s). There are also a couple of duck ponds and walking paths all around the park to explore as well. Bring your bikes if you want as this is an excellent place for kids to ride around — even if they’re just learning to balance on their 2-wheeler!

Fay Bainbridge Park & Campground

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Tucked away on the beach toward the northern end of the island, Fay Bainbridge Park & Campground is a perfect area to spend the day. Note, that camping options are available if you’re looking to extend your getaway! They even offer cabin rentals and areas to park your RV if tent-camping is not your thing!

Bloedel Reserve

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Toted as “One of North America’s 10 Best Botanical Gardens” – USA Today, 2020. The Bloedel Reserve is a must-visit for those of you who wish to get away from the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in nature. It is a beautiful place to observe and embrace a day of tranquility and peace. Plan your visit!

Exotic Aquatics

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Exotic Aquatics is your local go-to shop for scuba-diving, kayaking, and paddleboarding! Rentals and classes are available too! Check out their website for availability and operations (as they will vary by season). Water sports offer the perfect opportunity to have a fun time with your friends while maintaining social distancing! Having kayaked around Eagle Harbor myself as a kid, I can attest to the beauty and sea life you can observe out on the water….just be mindful of the ferries coming in and out as you paddle around!

Frog Rock

Ok, so you’re not necessarily going to find this one at the top of Trip Advisor, BUT having grown up down the street from this dearly loved island land-mark, I suggest swinging by for a quick photo-op! Frog Rock has graced the corner of 14607 Phelps Rd NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 since 1971 and is sure to put a smile on your face! I have many a photo atop this giant frog’s head  – so be sure to swing by for a quick visit!

For additional resources, be sure to check out Bainbridge Island Parks & Recreation. The website is a great all-up resource if you want to click around and explore all of the outdoor parks and recreation opportunities the island has to offer. From hiking trails to playgrounds to camping on the beach, Bainbridge has plenty of outdoor options to fill your day (or even a short weekend stay).

Have you been to Bainbridge Island? What are some of your favorite places?

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  1. Fort Ward was our favorite spot for ferry and fast-attack sightings. We also enjoyed days at IslandWood when they opened to the public. They have a number of well-groomed trails, tree houses, and a fire-lookout tower to explore.

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