7 Easy Eats in San Diego You Need To Try Now

When your spouse deploys do you suddenly find yourself eating bowls of cereal for dinner? Downing a whole bag of chips? Maybe cooking mac and cheese with dino nuggets because you’re tired of kids complaining, and hey you like it too?  I’m with you. My husband is the cook between the two of us and when he leaves my eating habits are not the best!

With the COVID pandemic raging, we can’t enjoy social dinners with friends and fellow spouses like we used to either.  Here are some of the options I have used to eat healthy, or at the very least REAL food during a combined pandemic and deployment.

First up, meal prep companies:

Dinner Delivery

Photo courtesy of Dinner Delivery

My parents got me a gift card for Dinner Delivery, a meal prep company, after I complained how hard it was to feed myself and kids every day with a deployed husband and a full time job. They offer a variety of options including individual or family style entrees.  You can choose sides with each meal and they always come with tons of fresh veggies which is great.  Their portions are large and often I can get 2-3 meals out of each.

Ripped and Reckless Kitchen

Photo courtesy of Ripped and Reckless Kitchen Facebook page

I stumbled upon Ripped and Reckless Kitchen via Instagram and they are local to where I live in Coronado, but have a variety of locations for pick up or delivery options. They offer flexible meal plans that cater to a variety of dietary needs.  My favorite thing about this company has been the baked goods and snacks.  They offer HEALTHY DONUTS! Cinnamon roll, chocolate, birthday cake… They are chock full of protein and sugar-free, yet somehow still taste amazing.  I am definitely guilty of ordering more snacks and treats than actual meals through this company each week!

There are TONS of meal prep options in San Diego and I have only tried a fraction of them. I was so overwhelmed when I first looked into it! Interested to hear what others have tried!

Next up, take-out deals! Many local restaurants have gone back to offering take-out deals since in-person dining is banned in Southern California again. Here are some favorites:

Buona Forchetta

Photo courtesy of Buona Forchetta Facebook page

With five locations throughout the city, Buona Forchetta is a great option when you’re craving Italian. Family combo for $39 gets you a soup or salad, pasta of your choice and two pizzas, along with options to add on desserts or wine!

Surf Rider Pizza

Photo courtesy of Surf Rider Pizza Facebook page

Surf Rider Pizza is currently offering a “Quarantine Survival Kit,” with make-your-own two pizzas at home for $20! You can also opt for the family meal deal of 2 pizzas, salad, wings and bread for $40. Craving pizza on a Tuesday? Tuesday’s are for 20% OFF your entire takeout order. Just enter promo code “TAKEOUT” when ordering online.

Taqueria Revolucion

Photo courtesy of Taqueria Revolucion Facebook page

If you’re craving tacos, Taqueria Revolucion is currently offering a “Family Orders” of their Carne Asada or Adobaba for $33 (small) or $38 (large).

Nado Republic

Photo courtesy of Nado Republic Facebook page

Sticking to the family theme, Nado Republic is offering a $34 family special that includes salad, two pizzas and a pasta tray for four.

Stake Chophouse & Bar

Photo courtesy of Stake Chophouse & Bar Facebook page

Stake Chophouse & Bar has been offering a special $59 dinner for two, with rotating menu items. Sometimes they run out or change the menu, but the most recent ones have featured wood-fired Cioppino or Beef Wellington, either choice accompanied by salad and dessert.

What are some “easy eats” you’ve had recently? Any we should add to our list? Comment below!

*Check with these restaurants before ordering, many of these deals are temporary and subject to change

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