6 Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day (COVID-Friendly)

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Military life can make scheduling regular date-nights difficult. Schedule changes, last minute meetings, and boat emergencies can sometimes make it seem impossible to find some quality time with our sailors. Throw COVID restrictions on top of it, and many of us find ourselves stuck at home with few options for a date night.

Below are some date night ideas to do at home or in a COVID-friendly manner:

Virtual Escape Rooms

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Before Covid times, escape rooms were a favorite of my family and friends. Who doesn’t like getting “locked” in a room and challenging yourself to some puzzles and riddles? If you and your spouse enjoy escape rooms and have missed participating in some of these activities over the past year, now you can look no further than the internet. You can simply google “virtual escape rooms” and pick from some of the many options available to you.

This list on Country Living has a roundup of eight virtual escape rooms to try out.

Breakfast and Sunrise

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This idea comes courtesy of another submarine spouse friend of mine. Since dining in is not an option right now, consider getting your breakfast “to go” and enjoy the sunrise at the beach or at a park. Even if it is too cold to get out of the car, drive somewhere with a scenic view and enjoy your breakfast while watching the sunrise or enjoying the view.

Tasting Night

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Find a local brewery, vineyard or coffee shop and bring home your own flight and do an at-home tasting! Is there a local chocolate shop or bakery you have been meaning to taste test? Grab some snacks to try with your flight. If you find something you both like, stock your fridge (or wine rack). 

Movie Night

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While we might not be able to go out to a movie theater, we can bring the theater to our homes! Set up a comfy movie zone with theater snacks and drinks. Find a movie you have been wanting to watch and watch it together! Many movies that are being released in theaters are also having an “at home” release on platforms such as HBO. 

Cook Off

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Do you and your spouse enjoy watching cooking shows? Or maybe you like experimenting in the kitchen? Have a cook off in your own home! You can either pick out a challenging recipe to make together, or challenge each other to make a recipe from what you already have in your kitchen. 

Paint and Sip

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Do you and your spouse enjoy being creative? Set up your own version of a paint and sip. YouTube is full of painting tutorials just waiting for you to try! Channel your inner Bob Ross, get some paint supplies, and follow along.

What are some of your favorite COVID-friendly date-night ideas? Comment below to share with others!

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