Best of Series: Groton 2021

What is the most difficult task you undertake when settling at a new duty station?  For me, it is finding my new everything.  A new grocery store, hair salon, yoga studio and a place to enjoy a special night out.  I am a very routine person so it is necessary for my mental health to quickly establish a new routine when we arrive at a new duty station.  After reading the questions posted in spouse group forums, I am definitely not alone.  As we are getting into the thick of PCS season, we hope to help you find your new everything. 

We asked, and you answered! Spouses/SOs across the globe responded with their favorite place for a nice dinner, nail salon, yoga studio, place to have an adult beverage, and their favorite outdoor/adventure activity at their current and previous duty stations.  

First up, Groton, Connecticut.

Current and previous residents of Groton love The Mariner, Engine Room, and S&P Oyster for a nice dinner out.  If you are looking for a place to get a mani/pedi, Cedar Nail Spa, Mermaid Nails, Home, Elegant Nails and Coral Nails are recommended.  Are you looking for a new happy hour spot or for that perfect martini?  Check out The Spot (especially for trivia night), Jealous Monk, Scorpion Bar, and Engine Room.  Yogis, get your Om on at Hot on Bank.  There’s no better way to spend a New England summer day than to visit one of the beaches such as Bluff Point or Misquamicut or hike Devil’s Hopyard.  

Based on tallied response, The Submerged Life presents:

Best of Groton 2021!

  1. Best Place for a Nice/Celebratory Dinner: S&P Oyster
  2. Best Nail Salon: Cedar Nails
  3. Best Yoga Studio: Hot on Bank 
  4. Best Place for an Adult Beverage: Jealous Monk
  5. Best Outdoor Activity: Hiking/Biking at Bluff Point State Park 

For more information on Groton, check out our “Ultimate Guide” or “50 Reasons Why Groton Isn’t Rotten.” We want to hear from you.  What are your favorites at your current or previous duty station(s)?

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