Best of Series: Norfolk 2021

What is the most difficult task you undertake when settling at a new duty station?  For me, it is finding my new everything.  A new grocery store, hair salon, yoga studio and a place to enjoy a special night out.  I am a very routine person so it is necessary for my mental health to quickly establish a new routine when we arrive at a new duty station.  After reading the questions posted in spouse group forums, I am definitely not alone.  As we are getting into the thick of PCS season, we hope to help you find your new everything. 

We asked, and you answered! Spouses/SOs across the globe responded with their favorite place for a nice dinner, nail salon, yoga studio, place to have an adult beverage, and their favorite outdoor/adventure activity at their current and previous duty stations.  

We shared Groton. Next up, Norfolk!

If you find yourself planning a move to Norfolk, be sure to check these places out:

Best of Norfolk 2021!

  1. Best Place for a Special Night Out: Freemason Abbey
  2. Best Brunch Spot: Citrus
  3. Best Cocktails: Chix on the Beach
  4. Best Mani/Pedi: Lotus Day Spa
  5. Best Attractions: Virginia Beach Boardwalk and Norfolk Botanical Gardenย 

Any other recommendations for our readers?     

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