Food Truckin’ Favorites: Top 23 Food Trucks at Every Duty Station

Photo courtesy of Greekin' Out

Sometimes the best laid dinner plans for an easy meal and night out include hitting up your local food trucks. The versatility in food trucks these days is pretty impressive and what better way to try out the local cuisine at your duty station? Whether you have recently PCS’d or have been around your station for a while, getting the family together for a food truck night can be a fun excuse to get out of the house. Depending on where you live, many towns have their own weekly food truck gathering so be sure to ask around – perhaps you make it a routine for the whole family to look forward to!

We recently asked our followers to help us generate a list of favorites near their duty stations! Take a look, maybe you’ll see something you haven’t tried before. We’d love to continue adding to this list so please feel free to comment and share your favorite food trucks and where to find them!

Groton, CT

Pearl Harbor, HI

Bangor, WA

Kings Bay, GA

Norfolk, VA

Charleston, SC


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