Sub Spouse Small Business: Fair Winds Handmade

In the latest installment of “Sub Spouse Small Business,” meet Meredith, a San Diego-based submarine spouse who creates custom children’s clothing! It was both her love of sewing and her desire for a creative outlet to stay busy that fueled her to launch Fair Winds Handmade. Read more below:

Name:  Meredith McCall

Hometown:  Hartford, VT

Current Duty Station:  San Diego, CA

Q: Tell us about your business.

Fair Winds Handmade creates custom clothing pieces for children of all ages! Specializing in heirloom quality pieces for the first day of school, your next Disney trip, a very special homecoming or just a day at the playground. Each item is handmade from start to finish and can be customized to pretty much any request or idea. 

Q: What made you choose this type of business?

I have always loved having a creative outlet to keep me busy, but when my two girls were born I loved making them outfits for special occasions. My love for sewing for them dovetailed perfectly for creating for other families! 

Q: What motivated you to start your business?

Once I started sewing for my own children, I was asked to create a few pieces for friends. I saw the  opportunity then to take a hobby I used to keep myself busy during deployments into a small business. 

Q: How do you manage the work/life balance as a submarine spouse? 

Balancing life as a military spouse and parent is a juggling act, but having my own business has afforded me an opportunity to take orders and work when I’m able and need a distraction (looking at you, deployment!), but take a step back when it’s necessary. Being able to take time from my work when my kiddos have a recital or when my hubby is able to take leave is a nice perk of having a small business! 

Q: Any advice for fellow submarine spouses who want to start their own business? 

The best advice for someone looking to start their own small business is just to go for it! It can seem very overwhelming at first, but if you are doing something you are passionate about, other people will respond to that. Also surrounding yourself with other small business owners is the best education- sharing experiences with other business owners is gold! 

Q: Favorite thing(s) to do in your current duty station?

San Diego has no shortage of activities for us! Our current favorites are hiking at Torrey Pines Natural Reserve, visiting the San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park, collecting sand dollars on the beach in Coronado, and of course visiting Legoland and Disneyland! 

Q: Where can we support and learn more about your business?

I don’t have a website, as all of my pieces are custom and made to order, but reach out by email or messenger, and check out just a taste of my past offerings on Instagram and Facebook! 


Instagram: @FairWindsHandmade 


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