3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking COMPASS

Whether you are a brand new Navy spouse or well-seasoned to the military lifestyle, the COMPASS program is strategically designed to help set you and your family up for success. Navigating the ins and outs of Navy life can be a daunting task…even for the most experienced! If there is one sure-fire bet, it’s that plans will change and the variables that you need to navigate will evolve and shift as your family grows.

The information and resources shared throughout the COMPASS course applies to all spouses regardless of your sailor’s rate or rank. We are all part of one Navy family and in many respects are faced with similar triumphs and challenges.

The Navy can throw a lot at us…oftentimes all at once! It’s a common sentiment to feel as if everything is out of our control and to get discouraged. How many times have you battled your way through a PCS or an issue with insurance or personal finances to learn later on about a helpful resource you wish you’d known about way sooner!? Well, the good news is, COMPASS exists to help you navigate Navy life and hone in on key areas that are important to be familiar with.

Here are just a few ways that the COMPASS course may benefit you:

Organized sessions that consolidate and categorize resources

Let’s be honest, there are a million resources floating around the internet that we could go search for…but hunting for trusted/reliable information takes time! COMPASS does the heavy lifting for you. Once completing the course, participants receive an incredible guide full of all the information covered making it easy to refer back to later on down the line.

Meeting other spouses and sharing experiences.

One of the most unique aspects about being a military spouse is the number of people we meet, connect with, and then part ways with. We quite literally end up with friends and acquaintances scattered all around the country…and in many cases, the world! COMPASS provides an opportunity for spouses to connect with one another through shared experiences. We can all admit that we bond over the HHG horror stories and the words of wisdom passed along so that others may avoid a dire fate to their belongings.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

COMPASS has a way of uncovering a golden nugget of information that you never knew existed. Between the course outline, the mentors that guide the sessions, and the other participants learning alongside you, helpful tips and tricks are sure to come up.

To learn more about COMPASS, here are some helpful links:

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