Welcome to The Mess: Your Guide to Chief Season

Congratulations on this amazing moment and accomplishment for your spouse! Your spouse has distinguished themselves as not only a technical expert, but a leader. Chiefs are important cause to bridge the gap between enlisted and officers acting not only as supervisors but advocates for their sailors. The next few weeks will not only be exciting but time consuming and stressful.

Here are some things to expect and hopefully make the “initiation” process easier for everyone:

Your spouse is going to be BUSY.

Whether your spouse is a Select or already a Chief, Chief Season is a busy time for all. Expect your spouse to have early mornings for PT (physical training) and late nights with special projects. Pack some snacks for your spouse and leave a plate for them in the fridge if they can’t make it home in time for dinner. Communicate the schedule changes of early mornings and late nights with your children if you can to make the transition a little easier. 

Chief Season is full of TRADITION.

Don’t be upset if your spouse can’t tell you what they are doing. Don’t be surprised if your spouse is asking you where the craft supplies and hot glue gun are. Be prepared for other Selects to possibly come over to work on projects. Every Command / Mess does things differently so what a friend’s spouse is asked to do maybe completely different then yours. Everyone will have their own stories to tell about their season.

Some spouses will purchase gifts for their Chief.

If you want to plan ahead, coin racks, personalized coffee mugs, and personalized pens all make great gifts. Typically, local small spouse run business and Etsy pages will have lots of options for you to choose from. Consider supporting some of our fellow spouses, Modern Rosie, 16Submarines, and others we’ve featured.

There is new terminology to learn.

Chief Season has its own language. For starters, “mess” refers to once you are a Chief you are part of the “Chief Mess.” This period of time before their pinning is called “select.” The container to carry the Charge Book is referred to as a “vessel.” And finally, a “Charge Book” is a book that contains many of the activities the selec is asked to do and charges from other chiefs. This reminds me of the Burn Book from Mean Girls. 🙂

Chief Season is long, it’s hectic but it’s worth it. Remind yourself and your spouse of the amazing accomplishment and the how great celebration the celebration will be after the season completed. Make sure to tag us in your pinning photos! 

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