Hawaii for the Holidays: Not a Lifetime Movie

I have to admit something: despite its beautiful 80 ° days, I am having a hard time warming up to Hawaii.

As a New England native, and having just spent five years stationed in Groton, CT, my body is keenly aware that something is missing. I miss the cool fall days; throwing on squishy slippers and a worn flannel. I miss snuggling with my kids under a blanket or two because my husband swears 67 ° is normal. I miss that inhale of chill when the snow is falling, and I even miss the endless mud when spring can’t make up its mind. I know that when the leaves start turning colors it’s time to start planning my girls’ birthday, and when we lug the box of hats and gloves up from the basement it means Christmas is right around the corner.

Photo by Debra Peake, Peake Moments Photography

Hawaii knows no seasons. I will correct myself; there is technically a “rainy season”, but it’s still upper 70’s and no need to dress in layers. I know, I know, I’m complaining of living in a literal paradise; but even paradise begins to lose its appeal after a while. I’d happily trade in my swimsuit for some hot cocoa, and heck, I’d even volunteer to shovel at this point.

Since I can’t easily (and without spending plane-loads of money) head home this winter, I am determined to make the best of this sand-filled Christmas. First, I’m going to try to keep up with those special things we’ve always done. We will still bake the Christmas cookies, go find the Christmas lights (it may even be more enjoyable not freezing to death), watch the Christmas specials, and maybe turn down the AC and snuggle under a blanket.

Hawaii for the Holidays (is that a lifetime movie?) will lead us to do things we love with a twist. We can watch the classics outside on our lanai, or go for a hike on Christmas Eve. We can take an open-air bus and drive around to see the Christmas lights downtown or in fancy hotels in Waikiki. Santa will arrive via outrigger canoe and maybe I’ll even ask my kids if they want to build a sandman. The possibilities are endless- just need to remember the sunscreen.

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