Over 100 Military Homecoming Sign Ideas

There’s no day like Homecoming! And one of my favorite activities to do leading up to the special day is making a Homecoming sign. Whether you want to hold the sign up at the pier or in your front yard, Homecoming signs can be such a fun and sweet way to celebrate the special day. Deployment is over! Likewise, sailors love to see the signs from the boat as they try to find their loved ones.

Your command will likely inform you not to use any inappropriate or vulgar language (we’ll let you infer here), so use your best judgment. Reporting for booty… you get the jist. The best signs are always personal and unique to the sailor and their family. Have fun with it!

We recently asked submarine significant others and spouses to share their past Homecoming signs:

Sweet & Simple

You don’t have to over-think it! There’s so many simple, sweet messages you can put on a sign – take a look at these examples.

Play on Name or Job

A fun way to personalize a sign is to get creative with your sailor’s name or job! Here are some ideas:

Not a Sign

You don’t have to hold up a sign! Check out these creative photo props, arrows and even an umbrella:

From The Kids POV

Always a popular and emotional one – get the kids involved! Even the fur babies:

Make a Special Announcement

Do you have a special announcement to share with your sailor? This can be a fun and sweet way to do it!

Number of Days

Proceed with caution here! You’ll want to wait to write the exact number of days until the day of Homecoming. You never know when a boat will be delayed! πŸ™‚

Get Seasonal or Topical

Is your sailor coming home right before Christmas? Maybe Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day or 4th of July? There’s so many fun ways to incorporate the holidays into your sign. How about anything topical, pop culture or in the news? So many spouses got creative with the COVID deployments. Here are some ideas:

Special thanks to everyone who shared their photos! For more deployment resources, click here.

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