6 Ways to Prepare For Your Sailor’s Homecoming (…While You Wait)

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Twiddling your thumbs waiting for your sailor? Feeling a little paralyzed with both excitement and nerves. I find focusing my excited anticipatory energy before homecoming, no matter if it’s a month or 7 months, is helpful as I anxiously wait for my sailors return.  

Here are a few ideas: 

Clear their car and fill the tank.

Who doesn’t look a freshly-washed and vacuumed vehicle? Just an idea for a simple gesture.

Stock the pantry and fridge.

Make your spouse feel at home with all their favorite snacks and beverages. A friend of mine also loves to buy her husband new craft beer.

Ready the washing machine.

You know what’s coming – the dreaded laundry bag. And the glorious amine smell. Be prepared with your favorite odor fighting tools – vinegar, baking soda, OxiClean for all the clothes and bedding coming your way. Also be sure to take care of any existing laundry for yourself and your kids.

Reorganize their things.

When my spouse is deployed or underway for an extended period of time, I tend to take over his side of the bed, nightstand, and bathroom counter. To prepare for their return, consider any area in the house that may be theirs that’s become yours.

Prep a quick list for the kids.

To help get my husband up to speed, I always prep a quick list of our children’s current favorite things – books, songs, movies, characters and more. I do this so he’s up to date and doesn’t feel so out of the loop.

Set expectations with family.

It’s a great idea to set expectations with extended family, so they understand that when your spouse is home they need time to readjust. Depending on your sailor, he or she may not be up for a big Zoom or Facetime call with family that first day or two. Texts, phone calls and other messages may go unanswered for a few days while we all readjust.

Remember: No matter the state of your house, what’s in the fridge, and all your other worries your sailor is most excited to see you, sleep in a real bed, and take a long hot shower without shower shoes. 

What’s your go to show of love when your sailor comes home? Please share to continue brainstorming easy thoughtful gestures. 

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