Sub Spouse Small Business: Naptown Food

Have you been to Annapolis?  Annapolis is home to the United States Naval Academy and is famous for their restaurants that line the streets of the downtown area. Tourists and locals delight in “cracking” crabs and shucking local oysters while enjoying a view of the Severn River. Pop into Chick and Ruth’s for a sandwich to go and you may run into Coach K. 

Meet Daniel Lundberg, a portrait photographer and the creative genius behind Naptown Food.  Danielle has been able to “focus her talents” to help local restaurants.  Here’s what Danielle wants you to know about her business and current project:

Q: Tell us about your business:

Due to the COVID pandemic, hospitality businesses are failing at a greater rate than any other business.  In an effort to raise money to donate to local restaurants I am collecting recipes from willing restaurants in the Annapolis area, photographing the dishes, and I’m putting together a cookbook. I’ll sell these cookbooks and donate the proceeds to Feed Anne Arundel, an organization that hires restaurants to feed the underserved community and benefits so many people up and down the food chain.

Q: What made you choose this type of business?

Photography is in my blood.  I grew up in a camera store, and my dad and his dad were also photographers.

Q: What motivated you to start this project?

There is a real need in the community.  I can’t sit around and do nothing when there are people who can be reached and people who can be helped.

Q: Any advice for fellow submarine spouses who want to start their own business?

You’re going to have to restart, maybe a few times.  Look at that as part of the challenge, not a stumbling block.  Learn from each new start- what went well before, what went wrong- and use those lessons to your advantage.

Q: Favorite thing(s) to do in your current duty station?

Pre-COVID, my favorite thing about Annapolis was the restaurants and nightlife. Now that those things are a little more difficult to enjoy, I’d say the best thing about this area is its location in regard to water, beaches, and two cities with plenty of socially distant activities”.

Q: Where can we support and learn more about your business?

You can learn more about the cookbook project, visit and You can follow me on Instagram @NaptownFood and @Danielle.W.Press, and Facebook @NaptownFood.

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