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Naval Station Norfolk supports the operational readiness of the US Atlantic Fleet, located in the Southeastern corner of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The area is collectively known as “Hampton Roads” and includes the cities of Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Suffolk. The area is populated by over one million people.

Naval Station Norfolk is situated in the Sewells Point area of the City of Norfolk and is the largest naval complex in the world. And while submarines are not the majority, it is a vital duty station that may present itself during you or your spouse’s time in the Navy.

So, what reputation does Norfolk have? You’ve likely heard about the bad traffic. But maybe not much else? We’re here to give you the ultimate guide to what you need to know:

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Fast Facts

  • Norfolk is a 400-year-old port city with roots that reach back to the founding of the United States.
  • Norfolk is home to the largest naval base in the world.
  • Two thirds of the city was destroyed on New Year’s Day in 1776 as part of the Revolutionary War. You can see a cannonball from that day sitting in the wall of St. Paul’s in downtown Norfolk.
  • World War II hero, General of the Army Douglas MacArthur and his wife are buried in Norfolk at The MacArthur Memorial.
  • There are many important heritage sites dedicated to the contributions of African-Americans during the Civil and Spanish-American War.


Things To Do

Family-Friendly Attractions


Norfolk is home to a variety of restaurants! Everything from Thai to Italian and everything in between. Norfolk is becoming one of the treasures of the East for foodies alike, with everything from a vibrant brunch scene to delicious downhome Southern cuisine, there is something for everyone. A few favorites include:

Wineries, Breweries, and Bars

Norfolk is home to dozens of celebrated breweries, wineries and wine bars. A few favorites:

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