The Submerged Life Holiday Gift Guide 2021

The holidays are just around the corner! We have compiled a list of nearly 50 gift ideas for submariners, submarine spouses and extended family who would love some submarine swag to celebrate.

This list could also help with a promotion ceremony, end of tour, hail and farewell, birthday, Mother’s or Father’s Day, and other special occasions. When possible, we link to fellow submarine spouses and their small businesses:

For The Submariner

  1. Model Submarine– Order a mini submarine built to the size specifications you desire.
  2. Custom Cribbage Board– Engrave new rank or previous command on a cribbage board for those who have sailors that enjoy the game. 
  3. Custom Flask– Engrave to add a personal touch! You could go with the saying “Down the Hatch”, nickname, command name to personalize the flask.
  4. Custom tap for Kegerator– I’ve met many sailors who enjoy brewing their own beer. 
  5. Custom engraved cuff links or tie tack– These are worn with dress uniforms or civilian suits. There are also these cuff links that are submarine dolphins. 
  6. Custom Cornhole Boards
  7. Custom Barware – 16Submarines has a many of design options including command crests, Navy logos, salty designs, and custom text for a variety of glasses.
  8. 3D Nautical maps– Maps of the boat’s homeport or of a location that is meaningful for the sailor.
  9. Sea chest– A beautiful, hand-crafted chest that could hold your sailor’s momentos or watch collection.
  10. Tervis Tumbler – Leave it to a submarine spouse to learn that Tervis will make a custom tumbler if you send them a patch!  
  11. Engraved Golf Club – For the golf enthusiast engrave a club!
  12. Beer Stein
  13. Custom Humador
  14. Engraved pen
  15. United States Submarine coffee table book – This book is a great addition to your home and makes for great conversation with guests or family members.
  16. Custom submarine print– Modern Rosie created a beautiful custom submarine print that is perfect to commemorate the end of sea tour.
  17. Bubblehead watch – A watch designed to celebrate bubbleheads.

For The Submarine Spouse

  1. Anything Modern Rosie– Modern Rosie is a small business owned by a submarine spouse who designs submarine decor items. There is something for everyone! Cozy up with these cute submarine blankets or throw pillows.
  2. Candles– Fair Winds Candles is submarine spouse small business with distinctive scents for everyones taste. Check out our Q&A with the owner (and veteran) herself!
  3. Necklace– Monogram on one side and common crest on the other necklace!
  4. Sailors aren’t the only ones who collect coins– check out these challenge coins designed by Modern Rosie.
  5. Professional pictures– Capturing the moments together to give everyone something to hold close when you are apart. Check out our post on photographers by duty station to find the perfect photographer for gifting.
  6. Christmas ornament with boat or command name or this simple farmhouse style submarine.
  7. Submarine cookbook– This cookbook was created through the Submarine Officer Spouse Association to raise money for the Dolphin Scholarship Fund. Submarine families across the world contributed to their favorite recipes to this cookbook.
  8. Submarine Wood Sign- Meaningful wall hanging to decorate a submariners home.
  9. Love Runs Deep Wine Tumbler– Katie Scarlett Faile is another submarine spouse artist who creates incredible artwork and decor for submariner.
  10. Local experience- Date night gift certificate for dinner or plans to explore a local museum

For Submarine Extended Family

  1. Boat swag– Many FRG’s hold fundraising around the holidays with command seals or unique designs for t-shirts, sweatshirts, tumblers. If your FRG is not currently fundraising 16 Submarine’s has swag for all commands including some FRGs.
  2. Submarine Dolphins Ornament – A submarine ornament is a great addition to a family Christmas tree!
  3. Submarine Cutting Board – Use as a cutting board or cheese plate, the submarine-shape will bring joy to family members near and far.
  4. Dolphin Scholarship Calendar – Another great fundraiser and great addition to any household!
  5. Submarine Hymn on Canvas – A beautiful visual of the Submarine Hymn.
  6. “Run Silent, Run Deep” Submarine Force Garden Flag – This garden flag is a great gift for extended family who want to show their support back home.
  7. Submarine Cookbook– This cookbook was created through the Submarine Officer Spouse Association to raise money for the Dolphin Scholarship Fund. Submarine families across the world contributed to their favorite recipes to this cookbook.

Experience Gifts

Please post with your favorite submariner gifts to continue the list! If you are in search of more gift ideas check out our submarine inspired baby gifts and retirement gift posts.

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