Where to Live in Millington, TN

Your orders say “NSA Mid-South Millington, TN.”  You check out the spouses page and there are 15 different areas suggested to live in.  How do you choose?  

First question to ask yourself: do we want to rent or buy?  The rental market is competitive and often limited in this area so buying a home may offer more options. While finding a rental is not impossible, your family may have limited options depending on the area.  

Here’s a guide to get you started:

Base Housing

As you know, base housing is always an option.  Base housing at NSA Midsouth is on the base. There are various options for homes on base, click here to see housing options. Millington is a small town with easy access to the neighboring suburbs of Memphis. 

Atoka and Munford

North of Millington, you will find Atoka and Munford.  People choose to live in these areas because of the easy commute to base and they have great school districts.  Also, homes have larger lots compared to the homes in Lakeland and Arlington.  Atoka and Munford are also more rural in comparison to other suburbs, a real small town feel. 

Lakeland and Arlington

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Lakeland and Arlington are highly sought after areas because of their excellent school districts and beautiful homes.  Arlington has great local shops and restaurants as well as some larger stores such as Home Depot and Kroger.  Arlington offers an easy commute to base often less than 20 minutes.  Families with younger children often choose to live in Lakeland because of its top ranked Lakeland Elementary School.  Pro Tip: Lakeland Elementary is located on the perimeter of the Oakwood Subdivision.  This subdivision is highly sought after because residents can skip the congested school drop off/pick line and easily walk/bike their children to school. 

Later this year, The Lake District in Lakeland will open.  This will be a mixed use space that will include business offices, town homes, shopping, and dining.  All centered around a beautiful lake that is under construction.  


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Bartlett is a more suburban area with many housing options.  Strategically located within the heart of Shelby County, the city of Bartlett is rich in history as a lone stagecoach stop by the 1830s. Now as Tennessee’s 10th largest city, Bartlett still preserves the small town spirit with a well balanced city touch, just minutes from shopping and dining options.

Germantown & Midtown

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If urban living is more your scene Germantown and Midtown is where it’s at!  Germantown is where you will find Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Anthropology, Lululemon, and of course the Apple store.  Midtown offers proximity to the Memphis Zoo and a variety of bars and restaurants.  Memphis commuter traffic can be daunting depending on the time of day you are on I-40.  Keep in mind that if you choose to live in Germantown or Midtown, you may have an increased commute time to base if you are traveling during peak traffic times.  

There are many options for housing in the area.  Be sure to check Military By Owner for additional listings in the area.  Check out the Facebook page NSA Mid-South/Millington PCS if you find yourself planning a PCS to Millington.  I may be biased because she helped me tremendously when we were buying our home in Lakeland, sight unseen all while my submariner was underway- contact Alexis Brown military spouse and real estate agent extraordinaire if you are considering purchasing a home in the area.  

Have you ever lived in Millington? Share your thoughts or best tips below!

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