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Story submitted by Amanda D.

Is it that time again?  The daunting three letters that can stress most of us out (let’s be real, it stresses ALL of us out)…. PCS time?!?  Need to put your house on the market?  Looking to buy in your new duty station?  This post is for you!  We have compiled a list of wonderful sub spouse agents across the country to help with the process!  Moving every few years and deciding whether to buy, rent or live on base can be overwhelming.  My advice is to always talk to local agents and lenders, as well as other military families or friends who live in that area.  Educate yourself on the market and learn what your options are. Using your tax-free BAH to build wealth for you and your family may just be the best option for you!

Reach out to one of these agents to help determine your options and the market in their areas.  And know that when doing so you will be supporting a fellow sub spouse family in the process. 

We asked fellow sub spouses to share their favorite realtors, to which this list was generated. Some realtors themselves submitted photos and bios . If you would like to add yourself and/or provide a photo and bio, please reach out to us We will update this blog post on a regular basis!


Fallon LeGare

Fallon is currently living in Mystic, CT where she and her family have been for the past five years.  Her husband is currently attached to the USS Delaware.  Fallon is a Realtor for Berkshire Hathaway NE Properties.  She loves the company, the Mystic area, her colleagues and clients.  “It’s been awesome using the connections that I’ve formed along the way in the submarine community, to help myself and others grow their Real Estate business by referring clients out to other trusted sub spouses all around the country.”

To learn more about Fallon check out her Instagram and Facebook

O: 860.536.4906

C: 443.306.7945


Kellyanne Koemp

Kellyanne is a Realtor with Agnelli Real Estate.  She loves working with those families PCSing to and from the New London Subbase.  She was a sub spouse for 17 years.  Her husband is now retired but they lived in many different areas throughout their time in the Navy; Groton, Guam, Hawaii, DC and now retired in Connecticut to be back where she grew up.  “I love the water, and the Mystic atmosphere is wonderful throughout the four seasons.  So close to New York, Boston and Providence you really can’t go wrong!”

To learn more about Kellyanne check out her website

O: 860-633-4000 x118


Tina Wazny

Tina is a realtor with The One Team at William Raveis Real Estate. Tina has lived in Connecticut for over 10 years with her four children and husband, Jayson.  She is well-versed in making life-changing moves. As part of a military family, she is uniquely familiar with the process of buying and selling real estate, as well as moving across the country. She utilizes her experiences to help ease any stressors that arise for her clients.  Her husband is an active duty at Subbase New London and they plan to retire in the area soon.  

To learn more about Tina, check out her Facebook.

C: (315) 264-0899


Emily Myers 

Emily Meyers has been a submarine spouse for over 18 years and understands this lifestyle and what it takes for a family to PCS. She is also a former Ombudsman and understands the stress that a PCS, deployment cycle and different navy challenges hold for us, on top of buying and selling a home. 

It is her personal and professional experience in real estate in the area that makes her a great resource to help families. She wants any client coming to or leaving this area to be adequately prepared with the help of Emily’s network of colleagues to provide the best process possible. 

Emily and her husband Jeremy, their three daughters Maddie, Aly, and Lauryn, and two Labradoodles Charley and Penny, are honored to call Southeastern Connecticut home for many years.

To learn more about Emily, check out her website

C: (860) 961-0241


Marie Hobson

Marie has been a Realtor/Broker on Guam for five years and is the owner and Principal Broker of Valor Home Realty.  As a Navy Submariner/Surface Spouse of 20 years and counting, she understands the nuances of military life.  Her boutique brokerage is focused on serving military members and their families by finding their temporary or forever island home.  She specializes in military rentals/sales, VA/Military entitlements, and PCS support.  She and her spouse purchased their Guam forever home in 2019.

To learn more about Marie check out her website, Facebook and Instagram.

C: 671-864-0240


Washington – Whidbey Island/Bremerton/Bangor

Ida Bear-Robb

Ida is a spouse of a Navy retiree.  He was in the submarine force for 30 years.  Ida has been in real estate in some form or another since 1985.  She was licensed in Virginia and now back home in Kitsap.  She helps people who are looking to buy or sell on the peninsula; Bangor, Bremerton, Keyport.  “I am a Military Relocation Professional and happy to help with a house, rental or land hunt.”

To learn more about Ida check out her Facebook, Instagram or website.

C: 206-992-2327


Jasmine Wanier

Jasmine has been a sub spouse for 10 years.  They own four rental properties which is the reason she decided to get into real estate.  “I have a passion for connecting people to home ownership opportunities, as I believe it is one of the best investments you can make!”

To learn more about Jasmine, check out her website.

C: 415-450-5732


Jennifer Moretty

Jennifer is originally from the Pacific Northwest and has been a submarine spouse since 1993.  Over the years, they have had over 19 PCS moves and will be making Washington state their final destination.  Jennifer works full time Realtor in Kitsap County as well as most of Mason & Pierce County which covers all the military bases on the peninsula.  She uses her experience to help fellow military service members and their families buy & sell homes, investment properties and land.  Her favorite part of real estate is the amazing people she has met and helped to achieve their financial goals along the way. 

To learn more about Jennifer check out her website.

C: 360-930-1836

Northern Virginia

Rachel Eisenfeld Lima

Rachel was a sub spouse for 15 years. “PCSing with two kids and two dogs was always a challenge which is one of the reasons I got into this career. I knew the struggles I went through and I wanted others to be able to work with someone who has been in their shoes and can understand the challenges.” Rachel has been a realtor for four years now and her career is going great.  She has been able to help families locally, nationally and internationally and she feels it is a very rewarding feeling to know she has helped a family find their dream home. 

C: 703-278-2679


Angie Ives Hill

Angie is an active-duty Navy wife (17 years), former teacher, artist and enthusiastic animal lover!  She has a passion for real estate and helping clients find their dream home or guiding them through the selling process to get top dollar in the shortest amount of time.  She serves clients throughout the Northern Virginia area. 

To learn more about Angie check out her website and Facebook

C: 703-994-9229



Monica Kraemer

Monica is a New England girl born and raised in Rhode Island.  She has been married to her submariner for six years and they have two kids.  She has moved six times as a sub spouse and is currently in Fort Washington, Maryland and her husband works at the Pentagon.  Monica is a realtor and serves clients in the DC area of Maryland.  She started in real estate to help others make their home buying dreams a reality.  She purchased her first home at the age of 22 and enjoyed helping her friends and family in their home buying experience, and would like to do the same for you. 

To learn more about Monica visit her website.

C: 401-473-4918


Kimberly Kelly McGrath

Kimberly is a Realtor in the Annapolis, Maryland and surrounding areas and is a former submarine spouse.  Her husband retired from the Navy in 2015.  She knows this market extremely well as she studies the statistics daily, but also, it is her hometown.  In addition to being capable of addressing the challenges of a military move, she has a knowledge of local resources to help you truly bloom where you are planted.  Kimberly is a certified Negotiation Expert with a proven track record of success.  She always goes the extra mile to ensure her clients home purchase or sale is smooth, efficient and expertly handled. 

C: (301-351-5792)



Kate Sobecki Pitre

Kate is a sub spouse in the Norfolk area.  She works with many sub spouses when PCSing to the area.  She is passionate about guiding her clients through the home buying process and making the experience an enjoyable one.  As a military spouse who has moved several times in the last 15 years, Kate understands all the stress involved with moving to a new area and your concerns with finding the right house to meet your needs. 

To learn more about Kate check out her website.

C: 757-563-3502



Amanda Dobransky

Amanda is a realtor with Keller Williams Honolulu and has been a submarine spouse for the past 3 and a half years.  Within that time, she has lived in Charleston, Groton, Guam and now Hawaii.  She has become an expert at PCSing overseas and during that time has learned that the resources can sometimes be limited.  Her goal is to help assist anyone moving to Hawaii and provide information about the housing market as well as a PCS Guide to Oahu.  She wants to be a resource for other military families and to educate them on the possibilities of investing in their future and to help them make this a smooth transition to paradise. 

To learn more about Amanda check out her website, Facebook and Instagram.

C: 803-287-9300


Jill Ward

Jill is an attorney who has had her real estate license for 10 years.  She first arrived on island in 2003, so she knows the island and the culture well.  She has owned four homes in Hawaii.  She feels it is important to be able to relate to both PCSing and investing in BAH.  Submarine families are family here on the island. 

To learn more about Jill check out her website.

C: 808.783.0183


Other Agents:


Dawn Wilson

Colorado Springs

Marnie Terry (military spouse)


Ashley Marie Bennett




Renee Watkins (sub spouse)

Kings Bay


Susie Szatkowski (military spouse)

Northern Virginia

Mary Afton-Tarr (sub spouse)


San Diego

Saratoga Springs

Candace Leigh Whiting


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