The Ultimate Groton Bucket List

OK OK, all of you Groton haters can take a breath. Whether or not you see this duty station as “rotten,” (we have a blog post for that), my husband and I like to make “bucket lists” for every place we live. Before we PCS and say goodbye to New England, I wanted to compile a list of my favorite things and what I would suggest to anyone who lands here.

So whether you’ve been stationed here for years or perhaps Groton is on the horizon, here’s a list to save for a “salty” day:



What did I miss? Comment below!

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Groton Bucket List

  1. We lived in Groton for 4 years and I never want to go back. We did almost everything on this list but no, it’s not the place for me.

    1. Totally fair! It’s great you explored while you were there and tried to make the most of it. Hope you’re enjoying your current spot more!

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