The Ultimate Gift Guide: Submarine Retirement

several gift boxes near the white flowers
several gift boxes near the white flowers
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Is someone you know getting close to the end of their submarine service? A spouse? A friend? Here is another in a series of gift lists to assist you in your submarine gift giving needs. We recently had a post on submarine inspired baby gifts. This is a list of retirement gifts including both traditional and creative ideas.

Shadow Box A shadow box is a display of the service member’s milestones and achievements. This gift, specifically, is the traditional end of service recognition common to all the military branches. The box often includes different award ribbons, coins, medals earned , ranks they progressed through, and an American flag ( FYI this can be requested to have flown over a previous command assignment) . Depending on the service member they may want a say in the organization of the shadow box as there are many different versions. 

Custom Coin Rack– Submariners and other military service members often collect command coins as they journey through their career.  A custom coin rack is a classic gift so they can display all the different coins they collected. The Wood Hombre was a frequently mentioned shop that designs coin racks and shadow boxes. 

A scrapbook of stories and pictures can be a very meaningful gift for the submariner.  These books are a labor of love to put together taking stories and pictures from all those lives touched over the course of their career. Blurb is the company I have used in the past to make these books that also frequently has sales as well. 

Engraved pen, compass, clock, or flag box are all other commemorative gifts to mark such a significant occasion. There are many many stores that create these. 

Daniel Price is an artist who specializes in submarine art. All of which can be customized. An example would be a painting that includes all the submarines the submariner has served on. 

Modern Rosie has a wide variety of commemorative art depending on the taste of the retiring submariner. She also has gifts for spouses who often appreciate recognition of the behind the scenes support they have provided over the submariner’s career. 

“What a difference a day makes” painting or print with dates of commands or commissioning/ enlistment, promotion dates, date of retirement instead of children or relationship milestones that they are typically designed for is another creative gift. 

If you know of a hobby the retiring submariner is looking to begin or invest more time in, give a gift certificate for lessons, gear, etc. to fuel their hobby they will now have time to devote to. 

A custom guest book for the retirement party such as a wooden anchor or submarine that can be signed by guests then later be hung in an office would be another memento. 

Anchor Door Knocker for the forever home as a gift for the submariner who has finally bought the house they will hopefully enjoy their retirement in with no more PCS’s in their future. 

Veteran US Navy license plate 

At Ease pillow

Do you have a favorite submarine gift you have given, received or just scene? Let us know so we can include it in an updated version of this list! Be on the look out for more gift guides as we continue this fall!

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