25 Submarine-Inspired Baby Gifts

Whenever I find a submarine baby item, I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot! It’s so fun to buy a little submarine-inspired gift for a submarine spouse who is having a baby. I rounded up some of my favorite finds so that you can easily find a submarine baby gift for someone – or for your own baby.

Bonus: Some of these can be found on Amazon for the easiest gift giving! Check out the photo slideshow and links below:


  1. Submarine Crinkle Toy
  2. Submarine Milestone Blanket
  3. Minky Blanket
  4. “New to the Crew” Onesie
  5. Remember Everyone Deployed Onesie
  6. Submarine Bath Toy
  7. Submarine Rattle
  8. Personalied Boat Minky Blanket
  9. “Look There’s a Submarine” Book
  10. “Super Submarines” Book
  11. “Daddy’s Submarine” Book
  12. “Underneath It All: A Submarine Bedtime Story About Mommy at Sea”
  13. “My Daddy The Submariner” Book
  14. Submarine Baby Booties
  15. Swaddle Blanket
  16. Submarine Onesie
  17. “Subone Loves Me” Onesie
  18. Submarine Bib
  19. Submarine Bib
  20. On-The-Go Musical Submarine Toy
  21. Felt-Stuffed Submarine
  22. Submarine Pajamas
  23. Submarine Mobile
  24. Submarine Mobile
  25. Birth Announcement/Milestone Set

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