PCS Road Trip Essentials From Amazon

So your sailor received his or her orders, and you’ve decided you’re driving to your next duty station! If you need help planning your drive, check this out. But what about products to pack? Outside of the usual – hand sanitizer, extra face masks, water bottles, snacks, tablets – what else could help make your trip easier?

We asked all of our contributors to share their favorite products! All of which can conveniently be found on Amazon.

High Road SnackStash and Cooler Bag

When we PCS’d our car was packed and could not fit a full cooler, so this handy pack worked great. We filled it with water bottles, fruit/veggie pouches for our son and other snacks. It’s very lightweight and doesn’t take up much space, and it was easy to transport in and out of hotel rooms.

3-in-1 Go Potty for Travel

It’s never a convenient time to PCS, especially if you’re in the middle of potty training.

Packing Cubes

This eight piece set of packing cubes is perfect for traveling and PCS’ing. The set is perfect to organize suitcases and come in multiple colors, perfect for every member of your family.

Reusable Storage Bags

Reusable storage bags are great for travel and can be used at your new duty station while you wait for HHG!

Portable Charger/Power Bank

You can never have enough chargers, and this power bank is perfect for travel.

Water Wow Activity Pads

The perfect car toy!

Suction Toys

These animal figurines double as suction toys and building blocks! Perfect toy for airplane fun, car windows or hotel rooms.


Magnatiles are a great toy to travel with – just put them in a small plastic bin and they’re easy on-the-go!


This is an investment, but in my opinion worth every penny! This blackout tent fits over any standard pack-and-play, which makes hotel room sharing perfect. These suction-cup black out curtains also work great.

What are your favorite PCS travel hacks? Comment below and share!

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