Why You Should Attend a “Budget For Baby” Workshop

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I’m about to have my second baby. To prepare, my husband and I recently went through our budget. Making room in our budget to become a family of 4 has been overwhelming! I definitely underestimated the amount of things we would need for a second baby and how much it would cost.

Then I remembered that the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) has a “Budget for Baby” workshop. Not having NMCRS near me in Colorado, I reached out to the San Diego office, which I saw was offering virtual workshops. I emailed the instructor, and she agreed to let me into her class even though I am not stationed in San Diego. I was able to do participate while sitting on my couch one evening.

Who does the NMCRS Budget for Baby Program serve?

  • Active duty or retired Sailors and Marines
  • Eligible family members with a military ID card
  • Surviving spouses
  • Reservist on extended active duty of 30 days or more

These workshops are available up to six months post delivery date, as well.

How can I find a “Budget for Baby” class near me?

Class options differ from site to site and include virtual, one-on-one, and in person. Some of the workshops are available in the evening, some are during the day. To find a Budget Baby course near you, click here.

What does the course cover?

Before the course, I received a worksheet to help me make a budget. This alone was extremely helpful!

In this class, the instructor went over how to make a general budget for your family and how to set financial goals, reiterating how important it is for you to be on the same page as your partner. The instructor also talked about ways that your budget may be impacted from things you may not think about. You will be doing more laundry, using more electricity to run sound machines and get up in the middle of the night, and maybe to host guests.

She also talked about things that you may not need. She gave us tips on places and ways to save money on the things you do need. She took the time to answer everyone’s questions and provided information about tons of other resources as well.

How else will the class benefit me?

At the end of the workshop, everyone received an Amazon e-gift card. Everyone who attends the workshop also gets a handmade baby blanket, made by NMCRS volunteers. The instructor was kind enough to mail me a blanket.

After the class, The instructor also sent us links to other resources, including information on NMCRS’s Visiting Nurse program, WIC, a baby cost calculator, information on the Child Development Center, and tax information.

Overall I thought the course was extremely helpful! It was about an hour and a half and she let people ask questions. The gift card and blanket are great added bonuses!

Other helpful links & resources

If you want help on overhauling your entire budget, you can request a free appointment with a Caseworker, who will meet with you individually and help you make a budget. Contact your local NMCRS for more information.

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