Kings Bay Bucket List: Kennedy Space Center

One of my Kings Bay bucket list activities is to attend a space launch at the Kennedy Center. I have not yet been able to see a launch from the Kennedy Center, but I have been to the visitor center and I have seen a Space X reentry. Located about three hours from Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is located on Merritt Island, Florida and is a must-visit.

Below is some information of how to visit and experience the iconic site:

View a Launch

The Kennedy Space Center publishes a list of upcoming launches from their various launch sites. You can view the launches on their website by narrowing down the event type and selecting “rocket launches”. Once you have selected an upcoming launch, you can click into the event and see where the launches can be viewed from. For example, an upcoming launch can be viewed from the Main Complex or from the Banana Creek Launch Viewing Area. You will need to purchase a daily admission ticket, which can be done in advance. If you prefer a virtual viewing experience, you can register for information to view the launch virtually, which is free.

Visiting the Kennedy Space Center

If you have an aspiring astronaut like my three-year-old, you might decide to just visit the Kennedy Space Center. The Kennedy Space Center Complex has a variety of activities available, including a rocket garden, the Astronaut Hall of Fame, Space Shuttle Atlantis and much more. Highlights include the Journey to Mars, Planet Play, Shuttle Launch Experience. There is a lot to explore at the Center! For information on all the attractions available, click here. With so much to do, it can feel overwhelming, a suggested itinerary can be found here.

Have you been to a launch at the Kennedy Center? Share your experiences below!

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