How to Celebrate Father’s Day When Dad is Deployed

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Is Dad deployed or on patrol this year for Father’s Day? Not sure how or if you should celebrate? Here are a few ideas that may help you decide how to spend your Sunday:

Change up your normal dinner routine

Order takeout, maybe from Dad’s favorite place, and choose a fun place to sit and eat. Maybe it’s a picnic outside or perhaps on the floor of your living room while you watch TV. The goal here is to have fun with mobile dishes/clean-up! Make it special and out of the norm.

Plan a camping & fire pit night

If your yard allows for it, you may not need to venture far to pitch a tent and roast marshmallows for the night! If you’re feeling more adventurous, check out some local campsites to get away for the weekend.

Have a photoshoot with the kids and their “Daddy Doll

Save the photos to show Dad when he returns home. Don’t know what a “Daddy Doll” is? Check out this site where you can order one. If you don’t have a Daddy Doll or if your kids are older, maybe you work together on a craft or gift to give him when he comes home.

Plan a get-together

Reach out to some fellow spouses on your boat and plan a get-together for you and the kids to enjoy. Everyone is “in the same boat” missing Dad this Father’s Day so it might be fun to reach out to other spouses on the boat and plan a get-together! Keep each other company and make a plan for the day, something as simple as a meet-up at a park, day at the beach, hike, swim at a local pool, organize a BBQ/picnic, go to a movie…so many options!

This one is simple – don’t celebrate Father’s Day

Like so many other holidays, you don’t have to celebrate Father’s Day on the traditional calendar day this year! Maybe all you do this year is send Dad an email saying “Happy Father’s Day, can’t wait to celebrate you when you are home!” No need to feel guilty for glossing over Father’s Day if Dad is gone. Give yourself some grace Mama, you’re doing the job of two parents right now! Once Dad is home, pick an arbitrary date to celebrate him (I’m sure this isn’t the only holiday you’ve done this for!) Also, if Dad was gone for Mother’s Day this year, maybe you have a re-do when he’s back too so you can finally put your feet up for a few hours.

How do you celebrate Father’s Day when dad is gone? Or Mother’s Day with mom is gone? We’d love to hear your ideas, leave us a comment.

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