17 Unpopular Opinions About Sub Spouse Life

We asked the question, and y’all delivered! Last week we posed on Instagram – tell us your “unpopular opinion” about submarine spouse life. We shared the responses and asked for you to weigh in. Here’s the result:

I like Groton.

Turns out not everyone thinks Groton is rotten! More proof on that, here.

I’ll take that Charleston heat and humidity over any station

Almost a 50/50 split here! Check out our Charleston content here.

San Diego is our least favorite duty station

Quite the disagreement here! Check out our San Diego content, from neighborhoods to live in to best beaches to visit.

Guam > Hawaii

Another close one! Don’t miss all of our great Guam content (and more coming soon).

I don’t hate the boat or think of it as his “other woman

This one made me chuckle.

Kings Bay really is awesome

Close but not quite! Check out our Kings Bay page and make the most of your time there.

Homecoming isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – reintegration is hard work and takes time

I was surprised this didn’t hit 100%. For reintegration advice, check out this great write-up.

I don’t mind deployments

Not in agreement here! But everyone is different.

I actually enjoy living in different places every 2-3 years

Totally agree! A great perspective which was also shared in this salty write-up.

I didn’t enjoy Hawaii as much as I thought I would

So many in agreement here! Duty stations are different for everyone and it’s OK. You don’t have to love it. If you need some Hawaii inspiration, click here.

Bangor is a grossly overrated duty station

So many in agreement here! For more advice if you don’t love your duty station, click here.

FRG’s are not that bad…

We loved this one! So true. For more info about FRGs, click here.

Amine doesn’t smell that bad or strong

This made us LOL! What do you think?

Duty night is uninterrupted me time and I don’t hate it

Yes, yes and yes!

I sleep better when my husband is on duty

We love how honest this is!

Boomer life is NOT the cake walk they tell Fast Attack spouses

In agreement here! For more on boomer life, check out this article.

It (submarine spouse life) sucks. Nevermind, that’s popular

LOL thank you for following along! We hope you enjoyed this. Any other unpopular opinions you would add to our list? Comment below!

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